Kitchen & Bath Remodels

People love kitchens and bathrooms.  Home improvement shows inspire many homeowners to remodel their homes with the kitchen or bathroom being the first on the list.  It’s no surprise.  Kitchens are the heart of your home and normally is the place where the family hangs out the most.   Bathrooms are a place of solace for many.  Remodeling your kitchen or bath can be daunting but a good plumber should help make the process easier and relieve some stress.   If your space is deteriorating and falling apart, it’s not going to be very useful or fun to live in.  Sometimes everything works and looks fine, but you simply want a change. That’s okay, too.  Here are some reasons why we highly recommend remodeling your kitchen and bath.

Homes with remodeled kitchens and baths increase the value or marketability of a property. An attractive and modern space will appeal to prospective home buyers more than  one that’s outdated.  As long as you don’t use gold leaf wallpaper, you should be able to recoup the investment of your remodel and sell your home quickly.

Modern energy-efficient appliances and materials also provide a lot more savings.  Skylights bring in the sun, and solar water heaters cut utility bills while being environmentally friendly.  YOu can also take advantage of energy-saving rebates offered by government entities or vendors.

Remodels allow you to rearrange the room to best suit your family’s needs.  Knocking down a wall may just give you the space you need for a breakfast bar, an island or a double sink.  Lowering countertops can also help disabled family members.

Contact us today to discuss a new kitchen or bath remodel.  Whether you’re a gourmet cook desiring that dream kitchen or someone who wants to build their dream shower with body sprays and a waterfall shower head, we can help make your dreams come true.